Meet our Principal Harman Dhillon


Dear Guardians,


Welcome to Justin Garza High School. Since the doors first opened in the fall of 2021, Justin Garza has dedicated its campus to providing a safe and welcoming school campus that “Stands for More!”. From the beginning when the very first group of students walked onto campus, Justin Garza High School has shown that it is a place where students' diversity and differences are recognized, valued, and appreciated.

 At Justin Garza, we stand for more than just a high school and being just a student”. We value, respect, and encourage students to be scholars, student-athletes, artists, musicians, and leaders within our community.

Whatever extracurricular activity each Guardian focuses on, they will be valued and respected. We have an amazing group of students who showcase their talents not only in the classroom but on the stage, on the field, on the courts, and in a variety of extracurricular activities. Being at Justin Garza, we will showcase your talents and celebrate your victories with you.

 I am eager to meet all of the Garza Guardians for the 2023/2024 school year. Whether that is on the field, as they socialize with their friends in the campus mall, in the audience or on the stage at our Performing Arts events, or in their classrooms. Every student is a valued part of our Justin Garza High family. My goal is to graduate students who are well-equipped to attend college, start careers or join the community so they can be productive members of society. With the collaboration of our amazing teaching and counseling staff, college and career counselors, and our classified and administrative staff, each student has the resources available to them to prepare for a successful life in post-secondary opportunities! We graduate Guardians who are ready for college, career, and/or the community!

Our amazing staff works hard to create a rigorous, relevant, and exceptional learning environment in each classroom across campus. Because we have such dedicated staff on our site who value making connections with students, our students thrive academically and enjoy being at Justin Garza High School. Students are encouraged to take A.P., accelerated, honors, ROP, and Dual Enrollment courses courses to dive deeper into the rigors of coursework. Our electives offer career pathways to follow using real-life applicable curricula and modern, industry-standard equipment.

As our campus develops and grows, I hope that our students continue to feel a sense of pride and belonging and carry that #WEareJG pride into the community! Please do not hesitate to contact us to answer any questions or be of any assistance to you! We are here to support your child in their very exciting high school years.

Thank you for your support and remember, to always “Stand for More!”.


Harman Dhillon