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Steps for Fundraiser Approval:
  1. Discuss fundraising ideas at your club meeting
  2. Check the fundraiser calendar to ensure no like-fundraisers are being held for the dates you are requesting
  3. Record club approval of fundraiser in club minutes
  4. Fill out "JGHS Fundraiser Request Form" below AND submit that form with your club minutes to the Activities Department
  5. ASB will cross-reference your fundraiser to confirm there are no like-fundraising events for your requested dates
  6. All fundraisers will begin the review process every WEDNESDAY during 3rd block
  7. Paperwork may take up to 7 business days to be reviewed and approved
**Note: Just because your club approved the fundraiser does not mean you have the green light to fundraise. Your fundraiser MUST be approved by ASB and site administration before any fundraising may take place.**
During Your Fundraiser:
  1. If your fundraiser cost per item is less than $10, a tally sheet can be used to record each sale
  2. If your fundraiser cost per item is $10 or greater, a receipt book must be requested from the Finance Office with Mrs. Heckel. You cannot use your personal receipt book.
  3. If members of your club are selling multiple items such as spirit packs, or each member is selling items individually, a log must be kept by each member. It is the responsibility of the advisor to confirm that the inventory sold by each member matches the money they collected. Once confirmed, that member should receive a receipt reflecting the total amount of money they turned in.
Steps for After the Fundraiser:
  1. Complete the "JGHS Fundraiser Recap Form" below within 2 weeks of the end of the fundraiser
  2. Fill out a Cash Count Form - A duplicate form located in the Finance Department
  3. Submit all cash, coin, and check, with Cash Count Form to Finance Department
Steps for Purchase Order Approval
  1. Make sure you have funds in your account PRIOR to filling out a PO - Contact Finance Department for account balance
  2. Check that the vendor is on the Approved Vendors List - Contact Finance Department for list
  3. Obtain a quote from an Approved Vendor
  4. Your club must approve the PO and it must be documented in your club meeting minutes
  5. Attach the club approved PO, along with your club meeting minutes and drop it off to the Activities Department
  6. All POs will begin the review process every WEDNESDAY during 3rd block
  7. Paperwork may take up to 7 business days to be reviewed and approved
**Note: Any PO without meeting minutes or minutes that do not explicitly state the PO approval will be automatically denied. In the event that there is no PO in place prior to items being purchased, ASB does not have to process a reimbursement for policies not followed.**